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10th European Conference on e-Government
10th European Conference on e-Government, June 2010, was hosted by the National Centre for Taxation Studies, University of Limerick.

9th European Conference on e-Government
9th European Conference on e-Government, June 2009, Westminister Business School, London.

8th European Conference on e-Government
8th European Conference on e-Government, July 2008, Ecole Polytechnique, Lausanne, Switzerland.     


The National Centre for Taxation Studies hosts a Tax Seminar series.  Recent seminars include:

  • 'Income Distribution and Poverty in Ireland's boom!'  by Brian Nolan, Professor of Public Policy, School of Applied Science, UCD (ex ESRI)
  • 'Tax aspects of foreign property investment' by Alan Moore

Further information on our tax seminar series will be regularly updated on this site or contact any member of the NCTS Management Team.