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The National Centre for Taxation Studies (NCTS) was established by the University of Limerick (UL) in 2004 to provide an interdisciplinary centre for tax education. Supported by the largest tax faculty in Ireland and a collaborative educational partnership with the Irish Revenue Commissioners, the centre is uniquely resourced to develop research and teaching programmes to service the needs of revenue authorities, industry and academics.

In a pioneering partnership with the Irish Revenue Commissioners, the NCTS delivers the BA (Hons.) in Applied Taxation. This programme brings together a team of expert academic staff with backgrounds in taxation, law, accounting, economics and financial services. A significant research component fosters collaborative research between UL faculty and Revenue's taxation specialists in a wide range of taxation projects. Under the partnership agreement UL also accredits Revenue's Diploma in Applied Taxation, a technical tax training programme, which incorporates a strong element of practical experience.

The University has a long established reputation in tax education having recognised the importance of the discipline by its inclusion as a core component in a wide range of programmes, including the Bachelor of Business Studies, the BA (Hons) in Law and Accounting, the MBA, the MSc in Financial Services and the MSc in Computational Finance.

UL is the national focal point for tax teaching and research in Ireland; it has more faculty than any other Irish University delivering a range of taxation modules at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  Faculty have had many years of experience in the practical application of taxation both domestically and internationally, which combined with their academic and teaching skills uniquely positions them to provide a fulfilling and rewarding learning experience for students.  NCTS provide students with an in depth appreciation of the theory and practical application of taxation across all tax heads, industry sectors and related disciplines.The University fosters an understanding in its teaching and research programmes, of the wider role of tax policy, planning and business decisions in their contribution to Ireland's economic development. That includes for instance, the capacity to fund the nation's infrastructure and other sectoral programmes such as health and education, as well as attracting inward investment and encouraging enterprise.