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Student Support Officers


There is a Student Support Officer aligned with each of the four faculties. The student support Officers are here to assist fulltime undergraduate students in finding the answers to questions and identifying the appropriate supports to help them excel during their time in the University of Limerick.


COVID-19, I-Grades and Immediate Crisis

You may find yourself in an immediate crisis due to COVID-19 (e.g. being required to restrict your movements so you cannot attend an exam, a change in your home care arrangements, etc.). UL has put in place an exceptional Covid I-grade for this semester to manage all other COVID-19 issues which are not covered through the standard I-grade categories (above). 

Before applying, you are strongly encouraged to engage with one of UL’s support services to ensure clarity about the process. Undergraduate students should contact their Student Support Officer (SSO) by emailing and where possible copy (cc) your respective SSO, see below for contact details . Alternatively, students may seek advice from module coordinators, course directors, or academic advisors. You will be asked on your I-grade application to self-declare that you have sought such advice and understand the implications of an I-grade. 

For all information on I-Grades please see here 

Immediate crisis due to health or family crisis 

An immediate crisis can relate to ill health (including illness due to COVID-19), mental health issues, or family bereavement/other family crisis situation. I-grades under these categories may be applied for following engagement with the relevant professional service: Student Health Centre, Counselling or Chaplaincy.  


Click on the image below to hear an introduction from the Student Support Officers

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If you are a student of an Arts Humanities and Social Sciences programme you can contact Ciara by email at or you can book a phone/MS Teams call with Ciara by clicking here


If you are a student of an Education and Health Science programme you can contact Aisling by email at or you can book a phone/MS Teams call with Aisling by clicking here.


If you are a student of a Kemmy Business School programme you can contact Declan by email at or you can book a phone/MS Teams call with Declan by clicking here.


If you a student of a Science and Engineering programme you can contact Philip, by email at or you can book a phone/MS Teams call with Philip by clicking here.

See our FAQ Section below

You will be invited to have a 30 min friendly chat with your respective Student Support Officer. The meeting will be student centred, only discussing what you bring to the meeting. Then we will look at the options available to you and plan the next steps. 

The Student Support Officers assist full time undergraduate students in their faculty. 
Students who are unsure of who to contact should get in touch with the Student Support officer assigned to their faculty to get direction   

The Student Support Officers support students with the following issues: 

Struggling academically, Personal/Health Issues, Financial concerns, Course Uncertainty, Exit Forms, Internal Transfers, Family Issues/Homesickness, Bereavement. This list is not exhaustive, and students should still contact an SSO even if their issue is not mentioned here. There is never an issue too big or too small. 

Yes, all interactions with students are held in confidence. The Student Support Officers will refer and liaise with other academic staff and support services upon request of the student. 

There may be times when a Student Support Officer feels another support service may be better equipped to support the student, we will only refer students after receiving permission to do so from the student. 

Student Support Officers recognise there may be times when parents/guardians may have concerns or questions, in relation to their son’s or daughter’s experience here in UL. The Student Support Officers wish to cultivate a relationship with all students based on trust and confidentiality. If you have concerns, we will ask first that you encourage your son/daughter to contact their SSO. If the student wishes for us to communicate directly with you, we require written permission to do so, all correspondence will be copied to the student for the purpose of transparency. 

No, this is a free service provided by the Student Affairs Division of the University of Limerick 

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