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Staff and UL Student Life

Staff and Student Life

The CLO supports Staff and UL Student Life to promote across campus student volunteering.   We do so by:

  • Delivering on UL's community to civic engagement by championing civic engagement through volunteering.
  • Providing one-to-one support to those interested in creating and/or promoting volunteer opportunities that are on or off campus.
  • Working collaboratively to create volunteering opportunities on and off campus. 
  • Maintaining and instructing on the use of www.studentvolunteer.ie/ul.
  • Promoting volunteering related activities through our social media tool; FB, Twitter, Instram.
  • Attending Orientation Days, UL Student Life Clubs & Societies Drive, UL Career Fairs, UL First Seven Week Initiatives, Lectures and Seminars.
  • Administrating the Annual President's Volunteer Award (PVA) Ceremony.
  • Reporting on all department or service specific student volunteering activity. 

Sign up and upload your volunteer opportunity. 


  • Advertise long-term, once-off, campus, local, national, international volunteering opportunities.
  • Encourage students to give back to UL during their academic students.
  • Manage student volunteer activity online.
  • Access how-to guides and useful resources

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