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Students who do not perform to the minimum standards during end-of-semester examinations are permitted to attend annual repeat examinations.


When are repeat exams held:

Annual repeats are usually held in August. 
For the Academic Year 2022/23, annual repeats are scheduled for Mon, 28 Aug 2023 to Sat, 2 Sept 2023


Repeat exam fee:

There is an annual repeat fee of €171 per module. 


Repeat exam criteria:

  • If you have completed only one academic semester in a current academic year, you are permitted to repeat a maximum of 2 modules from that semester.
  • If you have completed two academic semesters, you are permitted to repeat a maximum of 4 modules.
  • I-grades are not counted in the maximum number of modules that a student is allowed to repeat. 
  • Only grades lower than C3 may be repeated (i.e. D1, D2, F, NG, I).
  • Annual repeats grades are capped at C3 (with the exception of I-grades which are uncapped).
  • There is a fee payable on registration for repeating all modules except I-grades.
  • Please Note: On Pass/Fail modules, an N grade is a fail grade.


What is a Compensating Fail Grade?

D1 and D2 grades are known as Compensating Fail grades.

If your QCA is greater or equal to 2.00 and includes D1 and/or D2 grades (compensating fail grades), you do not have to repeat the modules for which you got the D1 or D2 grades, i.e. you can proceed to the next stage of your course. The reason for this is that to have achieved a QCA score of 2.00 or greater with D1 and/or D2 grades included, you must have done well enough in other modules to compensate for the D1/D2 grades.

Some taught postgraduate courses do not award compensating fail grades; please refer to course booklets for details.


What does it mean if I receive a Compensating Fail Grade?

If you have been awarded one or more Compensating Fail grades but maintain a QCA of at least 2.00, you may proceed to the next stage of your course and do not have to repeat these modules. 

If you have been awarded a Compensating Fail grade in one or more modules and your QCA is below 2.00, you may be required to repeat those modules. 




The minimum standards for progression are as follows:

  • QCA greater than or equal to 2.00
  • No deficient grades (i.e., F, N, NG, I)



For further support & guidance on the above please contact your Student Support Officer.

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