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The 1916 Bursary Fund 2021/2022 Postgraduate FAQs




1916 Postgraduate Bursaries Fund:  Frequently Asked Questions (2021/22) 

Who can apply? 

The 1916 Bursary Scheme is open applicants who aim to pursue a postgraduate course in 2021/22 if: 


  • You have successfully completed your undergraduate course.  

  • You received the 1916 Bursary Fund for your undergraduate studies. 

  • Your postgraduate course is not less than a year.  

  • Your chosen course is provided by an approved higher education institution.  

  • You do not hold any other bursary, scholarship or award, irrespective of value.    


Can I apply to the 1916 Bursary Fund in another college? 

Yes, you can make an application to the 1916 Bursary Fund in another college. Any undergraduate 1916 Bursary recipient, who chooses to pursue a postgraduate course in a different, approved HEI or cluster, should apply to where they intend to do their course. Their undergraduate institution will provide a letter confirming they have been a 1916 Bursary recipient.  

Please check that the college you are applying to, is an approved institution under this scheme. Click here for a full list. 


I need to defer a year. Can I apply?  

Bursary recipients who wish to defer their postgraduate study may do so for a maximum of one academic year with the prior written approval of their HEI. Deferral may occur before the student commences their studies or during their studies. A student who has not yet applied for a postgraduate course may also defer their bursary for a maximum of one year. You will need to indicate on your 1916 Bursary Application form that you wish to defer the bursary for a year. 


How do I apply?    

Applications are made via an online form. All supporting documentation must be submitted by email only to by 5.00pm on 15th October 2021.  

Enquiries can be directed to   


When can I apply?  

The application process will open on Monday 30th August 2021 and will close on Friday 15th October 2021.   No late applications will be accepted. 


Can I get the 1916 Postgraduate Bursary and SUSI?  

Yes, if you are eligible and awarded a SUSI Grant and the Bursary you can keep both. The 1916 Bursary is not counted as income when assessing SUSI.   



Can I receive the 1916 Bursary and any other Scholarship or Grant?  

No, you cannot be in receipt of any other Scholarship or Bursary, regardless of its value.  However, you can receive the 1916 Bursary with your SUSI Grant or Social Welfare Payment and you can apply for the Student Assistance Fund or Fund for Students with Disabilities.   


Will the Postgraduate Bursary affect my SUSI application?  

The payment from the 1916 Bursary is not counted as income by Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI).   


Will the Postgraduate Bursary affect my Social Welfare payment? 

No, the 1916 Postgraduate Bursary does not affect your means-tested or other payments from Social Welfare (Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection).  


Can I keep my Rent Allowance and Medical Card with the 1916 Postgraduate Bursary?  

The Bursary should not be counted as income when you are being assessed for any means-tested payments.   


Can I apply for the Student Assistance Fund if I get the 1916 Postgraduate Bursary?  

Yes, you can apply. The University of Limerick assesses applications for the Student Assistance Fund using a well-developed and stand-alone process separate from the operation of the 1916 Bursary Scheme.   


Can I apply for the Fund for Students with Disabilities if I get the 1916 Postgraduate Bursary?  

Yes, you can apply. The University of Limerick makes applications to the Fund for Students with Disabilities for students with disabilities and this is a well-developed and stand-alone process separate from the 1916 Bursary Scheme.   


How many Bursaries will be awarded?  

Any recipient of a 1916 Bursary for their undergraduate studies is automatically entitled to a 1916 Bursary for their postgraduate studies in the year immediately following completion of their undergraduate degree or in the following year (deferral of a postgraduate bursary for one year only is allowed). You need to have been a recipient of a 1916 Bursary for your undergraduate studies to be eligible for a postgraduate 1916 Bursary Fund. 


What is expected of me if I am awarded a 1916 Bursary?    

  • You will be expected to fulfil the regulations of the University and to undergo all examinations/assessments required by your programme of study.  

  • You will be expected to meet with a designated Student Advisor in the University at least twice per year.  

  • Awardees under the fund may be invited to participate in or attend publicity events organised by the University to increase awareness of the 1916 Bursary.  

  • You will be required to sign the Student Contract if you are successful in your application.  

  • In order to continue to receive the Bursary you will be expected to have progressed to the next year of your course, following the successful completion of all parts of the course as required during the previous year, subject to the normal duration of the approved course.   



I have been awarded the 1916 Bursary. How will I be paid?  

The award will be paid in total as early as possible in the first semester of 2021/22.  Awardees under the 1916 Bursary Fund in UL must have registered on their programme of study before payment can be made.   


I have been awarded the 1916 Bursary. Can I repeat a year?   

The 1916 Bursary cannot be paid for a repeat year unless the institution agrees that there were exceptional circumstances i.e. medical or personal reasons why you could not complete the year.  You would be expected to provide written evidence of your illness or personal situation from a professional outside your family group.  You would also be expected to work with the student supports within your institution during your difficulty and at a minimum have advised someone in your college that you have an on-going issue.   


If my application is unsuccessful, can I appeal?  

Yes, however, there is only one basis for making an appeal:   

 That you believe there was an administrative error in assessment: 

i.e. that you think a mistake was made when your application was being reviewed that led to you not being awarded the Bursary.   


You have 10 days, from the receipt of the bursary outcome, to lodge an appeal if you are unhappy with the decision. If you fail to lodge an appeal within this timeframe, your appeal will be invalid.  Appeals will be reviewed by representatives from the Mid-West Cluster. Representative(s) from your Higher Education Institution will not be involved in the appeals process.  No member of staff involved in making the original decision will participate in the appeal decision process.  A letter detailing the outcome of your appeal will be e-mailed to you.  There will be no further stage of appeal beyond this final decision.   

The opening date of the appeals process will be advised later in the year.  


I applied but was not successful in my application. Are there any other financial supports available?  

Yes.  Each institution has funds to support students experiencing financial difficulties. The most prominent of these is the Student Assistance Fund and the Financial Aid Fund.    

Please also visit: www.studentfinance.iefor further information on sources of funding.   


Who can I contact for more information?   

Please contact 1916BursaryFund@ul.ieif you have any queries.    


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