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Gabriella Hanrahan Profile

Gabriella is a graduate of NUIGalway and the University of Limerick.  Gabriella has worked in the private, community and public sectors in Ireland.  These combined insights and experiences informs her work at UL.

Gabriella established the Community Liaison Office (CLO) at the University of Limerick in 2009.  The office employs the principles underpinning emancipatory work and civic engagement philosophies and practices. The CLO believes this approach supports reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationships with diverse communities both on and off campus.

The CLO develops and manages the President's Volunteer Award (PVA) programme.   Established in 2010, the PVA is designed to sustain, develop, grow and acknowledge the contribution Higher Education (HE) students make to their communities.   In so doing, the PVA delivers on both the national HE and UL's civic engagement strategy.

In her role as the first National Convenor of Campus Engage National Volunteer Working Group, Gabriella lead in the design, development and delivery of the unique national HE student volunteer online content management system   Launched in 2016, this new one-stop approach to HE student volunteering enables HE civic engagement practitioners across the HE sector to  administer, document, track, report  and grow civic engagement through volunteering.  The online system also facilitates community organisations on and off campus to post  and promote their organisations and opportunities and directly engage with HE students.

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