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Managing your Information

In order to provide for your care we need to collect and keep information about you and your health on our records. 

  • We retain your information securely and use every appropriate physical and technical security measure to prevent unauthorised access, alteration or destruction of data.
  • We will only ask for and keep information that is necessary e.g. name, address, ID number, date of birth, mobile number etc. We will attempt to keep it as accurate and up to-date as possible. We will explain the need for any information we ask for if you are not sure why it is needed.
  • We ask you to inform us about any relevant changes that we should know about. This would include such things as any new treatments or investigations being carried out that we are not aware of. Please also inform us of change of address and phone numbers.
  • All staff in the SHC (not already covered by a professional confidentiality code) sign a confidentiality agreement that explicitly makes clear their duties
in relation to personal health information and the consequences of breaching that duty.

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