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I Grade Applications


Please see the instructions below in relation to each category of application.  Students who apply online without following the correct procedure will have their application automatically rejected.

Please note

  1. It is not recommended to leave it until the last minute to submit an application in case any technical or other issues arise e.g.,
    • you cannot log in to your UL account
    • you are not registered
    • you cannot load the application web page
    • your initial application is rejected
  2. Your application will be rejected if 
    • you provide incorrect/incomplete information
    • you select the wrong category of application
    • you do not follow the correct procedure for submitting an application.
      Please frequently check your emails for potential follow up action you may be required to take after submitting an application.
  3. If your module information is not available when completing an online application form, please raise a ticket with Academic Registry via TopDesk. 
  4. All applications in relation to mental health issues are processed by the Student Counselling Service, not the Student Health Centre.
  1. The I-Grade application form should be accessible through all major browsers (Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, etc.). However, the system is not mobile-friendly so using a desktop/laptop is advisable.  You will receive an automated email if you have correctly submitted an application.

An I grade may be awarded to students who find themselves in an immediate crisis situation, coming up to or during an exam or final assessment period, which prevents them from being able to sit or complete their exams, assignments or placements. An immediate crisis can relate to ill-health, mental health issues or family bereavement/other family crisis situation.

I grades can only be awarded for full modules, not component parts of modules and therefore do not apply in the case of mid-term assessments.  Your lecturer will be able to advise what alternative arrangements can be made.

Being awarded an I grade means that you will have the opportunity to undertake the assessment(s) over the summer, or to sit exams during the repeat exam period in August, with no academic penalty.  Your grade will not be capped at C3 and you will not be required to pay an additional registration fee.

Being awarded an I grade during annual repeats means that you cannot progress to the next year of your programme. 

In the case of final year students the situation is as follows:-

  • Students awarded autumn semester I grades may be able to graduate but this is not guaranteed. 
  • Students awarded spring semester and summer I grades will not be able to graduate until after the repeat results have been published in September.

The specific requirements to clear an I grade are set at module level and as such will be available from your module leader.  The module leaders have a variety of methods to utilise and these are outlined in section 4.2.3 of the Handbook of Academic Regulations and Procedures.

If your I grade is approved an "I" will appear as your result for that module when the results are published on the SI Student Portal.

The University is keen to minimise the impact of our internal processes on the country's health system and services.  As such, where you are applying for an I grade through the Student Health Centre and you do not already have third-party certification that supports the application, there is no requirement to seek such certification. 

Students do not need to contact the Student Health Centre in advance of completing an online application. Full details of the medical related issue should be indicated on the online form and, where available, reference any third-party certification that supports the application. 

There is no need to submit copies of any third-party certification to the University at this stage but you should retain copies for future use if required.  Where no third-party certification is available, it is vitally important to state that you are self-certifying.

This category does not include applications in relation to mental health issues. Please use the Counselling Service application.

All sections of the application form must be completed.  Any incomplete applications will be rejected.

Please email for assistance with applications.

Note: You do not have to attend drop-in to apply for an I grade but you must email the service ( with your supporting documentation in advance of completing an online application.

Please read the instructions below carefully. Students who apply online, without having followed the procedures below, will have their applications automatically rejected.

** Ensure to apply as early as possible to allow time for processing and online portal completion **

  1. Currently attending the UL Counselling Service: Please discuss your I Grade with your current Counsellor before applying online. A further Cert/letter to support your I grade may not be required.
  2. Previously attended the service OR if you are contacting the service for the first time: You must provide supporting evidence to the UL Student Counselling & Wellbeing Service pertaining to your mental health. This evidence may be a cert or letter from a GP, Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or mental health service and must detail that your mental health status impacts capacity to sit the relevant exams.  This cert/letter must include dates pertaining to the period of time that your capacity is affected. Please note, normal pressures of work do not suffice as mental health grounds for I grades.


  • You must email your cert/letter to from your UL email address and refer to ‘I grade’ in the subject line of the email. Please do not attend drop-in for an I-grade application.
  • The UL Counselling Service will review your supporting documentation and let you know if it is suitable. If it is not suitable you will need to get another cert/letter (please ensure enough sufficient time for processing before deadline).

After you have received an approval email from the UL Student Counselling & Wellbeing Service, it is your responsibility to apply through the online portal You will receive an email from the University advising all students of when the online application will open and close.

Failure to submit appropriate supporting evidence to in advance will result in an automatic rejection of your online application. 

Applications can be made via the UL Chaplaincy Service in relation to close family bereavements and immediate family crisis situations.

Students must engage directly with and have the support of a Chaplain in advance of completing an online application

Applications will be automatically rejected where no engagement has taken place. 

An applicant may be required to submit adequate third-party evidence for consideration such as a notice. 

Contact with a chaplain may be made in person, by email or phone.  086 2632458  086 4127485

For application queries, please email the appropriate service below:-

Medical Issues:
Mental Health Issues: 
Bereavements/immediate family crisis: or

If your module information is not available when completing an online application form, please raise a ticket with Academic Registry via TopDesk.

The University will support our students who find themselves in crisis during exam periods.  It is important that you engage with the process as outlined above in a timely manner. 

Is it possible to apply for more than one I grade?
Yes, it is possible to apply for more than one I grade.  There is no limit on the number of I grades you can apply for.

Can you apply for an I grade for part of a module?
No, I grades can only be awarded for full modules, not component parts of modules.  If you are unable to complete a mid-term assessment your module leader will make alternative arrangements for you. You will need to check with your lecturer for confirmation as to whether or not any completed assignment/mid-term grades will still contribute towards your final grade or if the module(s) will revert to 100%.

Can I apply for an I grade in case I cannot complete my module requirements?
It is important to note that you should not apply for an I grade unless you find yourself in an immediate crisis situation coming up to or during the exam period. In the first instance you should contact your module leader to ascertain if there is a possibility to extend the submission date for an assignment or to submit an assignment as an alternative to an exam. When an I grade application is made, and subsequently approved, it is not possible to remove this from your student record regardless if you subsequently complete all the assessment requirements.

Can I apply for I grades for modules from last semester?
No, you can only apply for I grades for the current semester.

Are I grade results capped?
No, I grade results are not capped.

Can I apply for I grades for annual repeats?
Yes you can apply for an I grade for either a repeat examination or for pre-existing I grades from the previous autumn and spring semesters. Students who receive an I grade for the first time in a module during the annual repeats will retain their original grade and will be informed by Academic Registry as to what their progression route will be. Students who receive a second I grade for the same module(s) in the annual repeats (up to a maximum of two modules in any one semester) will be permitted to clear the module(s) on a link-in and uncapped basis during the following academic year.

IGrade Applications