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I Grade Applications

***Students must contact the appropriate service (Student Health Centre, Student Counselling Service or chaplaincy) BEFORE completing an I Grade application form.***

The University supports students who find themselves in an immediate crisis and, where relevant, takes actions to avert recurrence.

An I grade shall only be awarded in cases where the student has not completed all of the requirements for the module and has submitted certifiable evidence of medical and/or psychological illness or immediate family crisis where the presence of the student is indispensable. I grades shall not be assigned in response to pleas of pressure of work.

Please see the Handbook of Academic Regulations and Procedures for all the regulations in relation to I grades (section 4.2.3).

For further information on how to apply please select the appropriate heading below:-

The Student Health Centre

The Student Health Centre processes I grade applications in relation to medical conditions only.  Students with mental health issues should contact the Student Counselling Service.

The first step for completing an I grade application through the Student Health Centre is to request your doctor to complete an External Medical Certification Form.  In cases where students have been hospitalised, hospital certification can be accepted.

For further information on how to apply for I grades through the Student Health Centre, please contact Ria Toland, email: Ria.Toland@UL.ie, Tel: 061 202 534.

Student Counselling Service

Students experiencing mental health issues should apply for I grades through the Student Counselling Service


Any students who experience an immediate family crisis/bereavement should contact the university Chaplin, Fr John Campion, email: John.Campion@ul.ie, Tel: 061 202 180 for information on how to apply for I grades.