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I Grade Applications

The deadline for completion of the I grade application process for the spring semester is midday on Friday 18th of May.  The process must be completed in full before this time.

The online application form will be made available from Monday 23rd of April.

For information on how the I grade application process works please send an email to the appropriate service below:-

Student Health Centre
Medical related issues - 

Student Counselling Service
Mental health related issues -

Immediate family bereavements -

Academic Regulations and Procedures

The University's Handbook of Academic Regulations and procedures contains the requlations in relation to I grades (section 4.2.3).  To view this document please click on the link below:
Handbook of Academic Regulations and Procedures

External Medical Certification

Students submitting medical certification must request their GP, consultant or hospital doctor to complete the External Medical Certification Form below:-

External Medical Certification Form