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FAQs - UL Global Students

Q. What is a GP?

A GP is a General Practitioner or a medical doctor. They are also referred to as family practitioners in some countries and they provide what is called primary medical care in Ireland. A GP provides the first point of care for patients.

In the UL SHC there are 5 part- time GPs along with a Nurse Practice Manager and administration support.

For information regarding local GPs, if required, please email


Q. What services does the SHC provide?

The SHC is an urgent care/advisory service and deals with all general health issues as they present. Our services include access to GPs, a nurse, contraceptive clinic, sexual health clinic, physiotherapy.

Any students with a long-term medical condition which requires regular follow up should register with a local GP, as the SHC is not a GP service. For information regarding local GPs, if required, please email

For more information on our services please click here.


Q. What are the opening hours / clinic times of the SHC?

Please click the links below for information on this:-

Opening Hours
Clinic Times


Q. How do I register with the SHC?

When you need to book an appointment please telephone the SHC and we can register your details on our system. You will be asked for your UL ID number, name, Limerick address, date of birth and Irish mobile number. We do not deal directly with Medical Insurance companies so you must make the booking yourself.   The phone can be very busy at times so please be patient and keep trying.

We can email a receipt to you at the time of booking should you require it for claiming back the costs of your appointments from your medical insurance company.  You will need to be familiar with the terms of your policy and what it covers.

Please note! in order to register with the SHC you must have an Irish mobile number.  We are unable to access international numbers and the Health Service Executive (HSE) which runs public health services in Ireland is also unable to access international numbers.  This means they will not be able to contact you in the event you are referred to one of its services.

 It is possible to use an Irish SIM card without having to purchase another mobile phone.  You just need to make sure that you contact your network provider before travelling to Ireland to ask that they unlock your phone so that it will accept an Irish SIM.  The fee for a SIM card is approximately €15 per month.

Some local mobile phone/SIM card providers are:


Q. How do I book an appointment / check in for an appointment?

Please click here for information on this.


Q. Where is the SHC waiting room?

Please click here for information on this.


Q. What does it cost for a consultation at the SHC?

Please click here for information on our charges.

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