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How do I book an appointment at the Student Health Centre?

You may book an appointment by either telephoning 061 202 534 or by calling into the Student Health Centre Reception. It is not  possible to book appointments through email. When attending Reception, please wait until the room is free before entering. Only one person is dealt with at a time in order to maintain privacy and confidentiality for everyone.

The Student Health Centre does not do any vaccinations.  You will need to attend a local GP.  

Dr Ronan Ryder offers student rates at his practice which is located at the Old Windmill Medical Centre, Lower Gerald Griffin Street, Limerick, Tel : 061 313 919.

Yes, you must check in with the Student Health Centre Reception even if you have already booked an appointment. If you do not check in, the medical staff will not know that you are in the waiting room. In order to maintain everyone's privacy, only one person is dealt with at a time so please wait until the room is free before entering.

Payment for your appointment is made when you check in before going into the waiting room. You may pay by either cash or debit/credit card.

You must contact the Student Health Centre immediately by telephone or email if you cannot attend your appointment. Students who do not give adequate notice will be charged a €5 cancelation fee. Failure to cancel your appointment deprives other students of time with the medical team.

No. it is not necessary to have a referral from a doctor before booking an appointment with the physiotherapist.

Yes, you can get a prescription for the pill at the Contraceptive Clinic.

Male students are required to provide a urine sample. This sample should be taken first thing after getting up on the morning of the appointment. Urine sample bottles are available from the Student Health Centre Reception. Female students are not required to provide a urine sample.

Medical card users may only use their cards for prescription purposes, for the contraceptive clinic and for the STI clinic.  All other services will incur a fee. Please state when booking an appointment that you have a medical card.

EHIC holders may only use their card for prescription purposes. Alternatively, EHIC users may register with another doctor (General Practictioner/GP) locally where they will not have to pay a consultation fee.

The EHIC entitles you to the necessary healthcare in the Irish public system if you become ill or injured while you are here. To obtain healthcare with the card you must register with a local GP (General Practitioner). The Student Health Centre cannot accept the EHIC for payments. Detailed information regarding the EHIC is available at www.hse.ie and www.EHIC.ie.

If you think you may have mumps, PLEASE REMAIN AWAY FROM CAMPUS. If you would like advice regarding your symptoms, you may ring the Student Health Centre (061 202 534) or alternatively, you may attend a GP located off campus. Students should not attend college for five days following the onset of the swelling.

It is not possible to have a smear test done at the Student Health Centre.  Please contact your GP.

If you attend A&E without a referral letter from a doctor you will have to pay approximately €110.