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In this section we will cover the end of Semester Exams

Spring Semester Exams

The Spring Semester Exam Timetable is now available.
To access the timetable - click here

  • Remember to bring your Student ID Card to all exams.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to arrive.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Exam Guidelines and be sure not to bring unauthorised materials/items

The following link will give you access to exam guidelines - click here


The I-Grade applications portal will open Friday, April 29th @ 12 noon and closes Friday May 23rd @ 5pm.
For further information on I-Grades please see - I-Grade applications
or email 

Spring Semester Exam Results

From Monday 20th June, students will be able to access their results from the Spring semester.
We have included some information below that may be useful to have a read through before you receive your results.  


How do I access my results? 

You can view your transcript on the Student Portal ( throughout the academic year.  

You will need your password and student number to access your results.
To reset your password, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to 
  2. Enter your email address 
  3. Select 'Can't access your account?' 
  4. Follow on screen instructions 

If you still encounter issues log a call with ITD (select ‘Forgotten Password). 


What do I do if I am unhappy with my results? 

Read - There are processes available for students who may be unhappy with their results. These can include the Viewing of scripts (see here) Grade rechecks (see here) and grade appeals (see here).
If students have deficient grades (F or NG grades) they will need to re-sit these exams at the annual repeats process during the summer.
See useful links for the following information  

Visit our Instagram page @ulstudentsupport which contains more information around exam results 


Engage – You may have questions around your results and its implications for your academic progression. If so, it might be worthwhile to engage with a member of academic or support staff so that you can get the information, support and advice you need. To speak with the designated Student Support Officer in your faculty our SSO Contact Page to find our contact details. First Year Undergraduate students also have a designated First Year Support Coordinator see here for information. It might also be worthwhile to chat with your module leader, Course Director or Academic Advisor.  


Support - It might be worth your while to reflect on your experience last semester and consider whether accessing an available service would be of support to you going forward.  

The Student Affairs Division have a wide range of Support Services available to students to provide guidance, information, advice, and support to students throughout the academic year. There are also a wide range of academic supports available to students through the Learning Centres; see here.  


Understand - Many students will experience receiving a disappointing grade or exam result during their time in academia. Often this can be a difficult to accept, particularly if you feel you put lots of time and effort into your study/preparation.  Try not to be overly self-critical, rather try and take some time to understand what happened so that you prepare for future assessments. Your grades don't define your success!  


Learn from it! Look forward! -  Try and find out what needs to improve. Accepting that you have received this grade and understanding that you need to improve can help you move on. If possible, talk to a classmate or friend who sat the exam. Also talking to your module leader or someone with knowledge in the area can help you reflect on your grade, decipher where you might have lost marks and offer some tips going forward.  

Ask yourself: 

  • What can I learn from this? 
  • What could I do differently next time? 
  • Do I need to take proactive steps to avoid it happening again? 


Turn over a new leaf: 

Try different study techniques:  

  • UL Éist (counselling Service) ran a webinar on the topic of Exam stress towards the end of the Autumn Semester, see here. The webinar is targeted towards exam stress it does include lots of tips and tools to implement at any stage of an academic semester.  
  • The SESU unit also has downloadable resources available for students here . These resources include ideas around time management, tips for assignment and exam success.  


  • This is an online self-help Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) platform that contains programmes that may support you in addressing underlying issues that are having a negative impact on your life. Programmes include ‘Space for Sleep’, ‘Space for Stress’, ‘Space for Resilience’ among others.  
  • It is a free and anonymous to use. It is available 24/7 and can be accessed HERE by any student using their UL domain.  


Spring Semester - Remember this is only a setback. The Spring semester is an excellent opportunity for you to make a fresh start! 


For further info, please contact 

IGrade Applications