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Covid Exceptional I Grade

The Covid-19 I grade supports students who may find themselves in an immediate crisis due to Covid-19 (e.g. required to restrict your movements so you cannot attend an exam, a change in your home care arrangements etc). UL has put in place an exceptional I grade for autumn 2021 to manage all other Covid-19 issues which are not covered through the standard I grade categories above.

Before applying you must engage with one of UL’s support services to ensure clarity about the process.  Undergraduate students should contact their Student Support Officers for advice. Alternatively, students may seek advice from module coordinators, course directors or academic advisors. You will be asked to self-declare that you have sought such advice and understand the implications of an I grade.

For the avoidance of doubt this category covers all non-health, non-counselling and non-chaplaincy issues related specifically to Covid-19.  For Covid-19 health related issues, please use the Student Health Centre application.

IGrade Applications