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Consultation Fees

Charges for Services at the Student Health Centre

The University levies charges to students for all services in the Student Health Centre. The charges vary depending on the service provided and the charges vary from time to time and upon instruction from the University. A summary of the charges are listed below:-

Doctor consultation  €25
Nurse consultation  €20
STI clinic - telephone triage
STI linic - Swab / urine test
Contraceptive clinic - first time prescription from SHC
Contraceptive clinic - repeat prescription from SHC
Physiotherapy -  video consultation
Phyisotherapy -  follow up 








Please note!

  • Due to the Coronavirus, essential changes have been made to some of our work practices. All payments will need to be made in advance over the phone when booking an appointment.
  • ​Any students wishing to cancel the appointment will incur a card transaction fee of €2.

Medical card holders please note:-

  • Medical card holders may use their cards for prescription purposes and for the STI and contraceptive clinics but all other services will incur a charge. Local students with medical cards are advised to visit their own GP. Non-local students with medical cards are advised to register with a local GP. Please state when booking an appointment that you have a medical card.

European Health Insurance card (EHIC) holders please note:-

  • EHIC holders may only use their card for prescription purposes. Alternatively, EHIC users may register with another doctor (General Practictioner/GP) locally where they will not have to pay a consultation fee.

Financial Aid


  • Payment may be made by debit or credit card.
  • Payment must be made when booking an appointment. Consultation or service will not be provided without payment being made first.
  • Only in an emergency case will another method of payment be deemed (by the clinician) to be acceptable.  Where possible, it would be necessary for this to be agreed prior to a service being provided.


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