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Commuting to Campus

Tips from the Student Support Office

 Commuting to and from college can be challenging at times. 

If you are a student commuting - We have included tips below that you may consider! 




Parking on campus can be limited. Refer to Campus Maps for Parking Locations. Before you come to campus. Consider planning your trip and arriving as early as possible before your class time. This will ensure you have enough time to find a suitable parking location & to get to your class without time pressure. Use the maps above to plan your trip and if possible seek out suitable parking locations close to your lecture hall. Consider timings e.g. does your lecture clash with rush hour traffic?


Access to and around the university is easy on a bicycle. There is lots of information available on the  Cycling UL Website section of the UL website. The website includes information on available cycling facilities, useful maps,  shower facilities, cycling gear and tips for securely locking your bike and lots more!


The University of Limerick is located approx. 4km from the east of Limerick City Centre. To access the University by foot you can walk along 1) Dublin Road & Plassey Park Road 2) Canal and Riverbank walkway. To find pedestrian maps, walking distances and                times, consider exploring the links on the following website. Accessing Campus on Foot

Public transport:

 For information on accessing campus via public transport. Visit here


Food and Places to eat on campus!

  • Restaurants and Cafes: There is a great choice of restaurants and cafes offering high quality meals at budget conscious prices. Click on the following link for information for Locations of where to eat (& socialize) on Campus!
  • UL Farmers Market: Every Tuesday in the Student Courtyard the 'UL Farmers Market' is held with lots of local produce and tasty treats on offer!

Bringing your own food is an excellent way to save money. The below locations on campus are great places to sit down and enjoy your lunch!

  • Teach Fáilte is located by the contemplative Centre in the student courtyard. Students are welcome to drop in for a cup of tea and a chat.  
  • To refill your bottle of water. Click on the following link Water Refill Stations Map
  • Other places include Red raisins, Student Courtyard, Seomra Na Gaeilge (for staff and students that are members of the Irish Language Community here in UL)

Meal preparation will be key to ensuring you are eating healthy balanced meals on the go.  

  • The ‘Healthy UL’ initiative has lots of tips for students with respect to healthy eating.  
  • Click here for healthy recipes and ideas! The 101 Square Meals on Healthy UL Website is also an excellent resource to keep you on track!

Staying Engaged while commuting to University!

Some tips!

  • Exchange numbers with people on your course and agree to go to lectures together 
  • Agree to meet a friend/classmate in between lecture times for example coffee/lunch. Schedule this as part of your day so that you have activities to do during your time on campus outside of your contact hours.  
  • Explore clubs and societies on the UL Wolves Website
  • Attend campus events where possible 
  • Keep in touch with friends and family at home  
  • Consider joining the gym Visit here

Other tips include.....

  • Use the commute to ‘bookend’ your day. For example, bring coffee on the morning commute and on the way home perhaps taking time to ease out of your day, e.g. taking time to nap, read a book or call a friend.  

  • Google docs offline to be working on assignments if there is poor Wi-Fi on the train for example  

  • Use your commute to check your student email, make a to do lists etc.   

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