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Arts Office Introduction

The Arts Office was established at UL in 2000 to contribute to the promotion of a vibrant and thriving cultural life on campus. The objective of the office's arts programme is to incorporate diverse forms of creative expression to enhance the daily experience of the UL community and to promote the university as an integrated, creative, artistic resource within the Limerick and Clare regions and beyond.

40 Tall Tales

UL Arts Office 40 Tall Tales project

"...Once upon a time in a faraway place a story was told. That story led back to here and now and was told again; only this time it was slightly different..."


40 Tall Tales began life in February 2013 as an event in the University's Bourn Vincent Gallery. Students from local National Schools were invited to come along and share in the stories of local wordsmith Greg O'Shaughnessy. Through their energy and enthusiasm we knew that they too had tales of their own for telling.

One of our earliest and most immediate experiences of the power of the arts occurs within the world of Story where words give life to the greater narratives of each of us. They bring order and meaning to the strange and unfamiliar, they give us swords and lances, amulets and talismans and we return to our story armed with another piece of the puzzle. These 40 Tall Tales have been written by pupils from Let's Educate Together NS, Mungret, the Limerick School Project, Milford NS and some members of the University of Limerick community. Many of the titles reflect the University's natural and physical environment while some are entirely of their own making. Every story tells a tale that is worth reading and underneath each one there are other stories; and so it goes on.