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Arts Office Introduction

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University of Limerick Arts Office plays a key role in the vibrant artistic life of UL with a wide programme of cultural events. Central to our programming is to challenge the perception of what art is and what role art can play in our day to day lives. We are also firm proponents of the restorative power of art and seek to engage our community in meaningful experiences through the prisms of music, literature, dance, performance, painting, sculpture, spoken word, craft – the list is endless.

Many of our activities are socially engaged one off pop ups. We also encourage a large degree of interaction by our audiences. Our work with communities on and off campus has resulted in publications such as What Are We Like – a collection of writing by local creative writing groups and Forty Tall Tales – a celebration of 40 years of UL through the medium of story.

The Arts Office is involved in bringing the university art collections to broader audiences through a series of curated exhibitions highlighting different aspects of the art work on campus.

We welcome collaboration with faculty, staff and students and are always happy to help with projects large and small.

What is Sound Walking?

Sound Walking is the practice of walking and exploring a soundscape in a given area, to enhance your perception of sounds and silence.

 Who might use these Sound Walking resources?

 1) people involved in the “listening" professions, or

 2) people working virtually or people working to support a 

     virtual workplace with colleagues.

In both situations, people are doing a lot more listening and significantly less interaction in person with colleagues than before the Covid -19 disruption to our normal daily working lives.

These Sound Walking resources are great tools to switch out from how we use our hearing during our working days and to switch in to a different kind of listening.

These resources can be used

to enhance and expand our daily experience of the sounds (and silence) all around us; and

to provide some creative jumping off points for people interested in expanding their enjoyment of their daily walking activity.

How to use Sound Walking as a walker?

have a look at the information in the links - click on the pictures and the actions are easy to follow.

A Walk in My Shoes 1a basic toolkit for creative sound walking                       

A Walk in My Shoes 2  –  a basic toolkit for basic sound mapping                   

A Walk in My Shoes 3  – a basic toolkit for creative sound journaling