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1st Year Experience

The First Year Support Coordinator is available to help with concerns or issues that may arise for First year students over the course of the academic year. The transition to university life takes time and adjustment. If you are thinking about transferring within UL or exiting your programme you must make contact with the First Year Support Coordinator.

The University wants you to have a really positive student experience from your first day in UL. The First Year Support Coordinator is there to ensure you get all the help and support that you may need as a first year student in UL.

We will come up with a plan whatever the scenario is, there are always options!


To contact the First Year Support Office:

Email to make an appointment

Meetings can be held via phone or MS Teams


Student Engagement and Success Unit

The University of Limerick welcomes and supports all 1st years in their transition to third level education. As part of this commitment the university has established a Student Engagement and Success (SES) Unit. The SES Unit are here to support your transition into 3rd level to ensure that you get all the support you need to make your first year a success. Coming into first year of university is a transition in everyone’s life. If you, or any of your friends, begin to experience doubts or are having difficulties settling in making or positive progress in your course, the SES Unit are here to help where they can.

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