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Quantitative Stream, 2022 Methods Summer School

The quantitative stream will consist of five full days on the following plan:

Provisional schedule

  • Intensive refresher (1 day): a quick refresher on basic data analysis and statistical inference, with an introduction to the Stata software package
  • Regression modelling for social scientists (1.5 days): the theory and practice of modelling continuous response variables with multiple explanatory variables.
  • Categorical data analysis for social scientists (1 day): a quick introduction to regression modelling of binary, multi-category and ordinal outcomes.
  • Mixed methods (half day, shared with the qualitative stream): how to integrate qualitative and quantitative methods in a research project, from design to execution.
  • Multi-level modelling (1 day): Advanced regression modelling of structured data (students within schools, individuals within areas, repeated observations within individuals)

Students taking the stream for credit will be required to submit three pieces of work for assessment: two exercises based on the methods learnt in the summer school, and a mini-project analysing a data set of the student's choice. A transcript issued by the University of Limerick will be available after the examination period for those registered for credit.

Sessions will be from 09:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 17:30.


REGISTRATION (external link)