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MA in Gender, Culture and Society Introduction

The MA in Gender Culture and Society is a one-year programme offered by the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

MA Objectives

To facilitate students in gaining an in-depth knowledge of how gender relations have operated inthe past and the present the ways in which the categories ‘women’ and ‘men’ are differentiated, for example, via notions of masculinity and femininity representations of women’s lives and experiences in the areas of literature, media and organisations feminist research and theory gender, inequalities and multiculturalismsTo facilitate learning and personal educational development by offering a range of teaching and assessment approaches and tutorial supportTo provide a sound basis for moving from an academic setting into different areas of the labour force by helping students to identity the transferable skills gained during the MA programme.

Programme Structure

The MA is a one-year programme and attendance is required two days a week – normally Tuesdays and Thursdays. The programme consists of:
6 taught modules (4 are taught in the first semester and 2 in the second semester)
Tutorial support is offered weekly in the first semester and as required in the second semester

Semester 1
Philosophical Approaches to Gender
Women’s Rights in History
Feminist Literary Theory: Perspectives on Women and Literature
Research Methods

Semester 2
Feminism(s), Diaspora and Multiculture
Women, Work and Management
Dissertation - 18,000 words (Spring and Summer Semester)

Entrance Requirements

A primary degree in any discipline with first or second class honours or an approved equivalent qualification. An equivalent capability based on prior professional experience at the discretion of the admissions subcommittee.

Course director:
Breda Gray (Dr.)
Tel +353-61-234207