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Online Appointments


About Online Appointments

In response to the pandemic the SLC also arranged for students to be able to receive 1-1 support online. Beyond the emergency provision provided we appreciate that some students may have hectic schedules or may have a long commutes to the university, or may simply be more comfortable having a 1-1 in an online environment. As such, we have decided to continue with providing online tutorials for students to offer a more flexible way of providing support. 


What is Typically Covered in an Online Appointment?

You can reserve a 25-minute time slot online with an experienced tutor. In order to make the most of your time with an SLC Tutor, you will need to state what you would like to cover in that session on the 'description' section of the booking app so that our tutors can prepare in advance of the appointment. Therefore, what is covered in this session is completely up to you!

Please note: If you provide limited/no information, then very often the support tutors will be able to provide will be minimal.


How Do I Book an Online Appointment?

These appointments are not arranged on a virtual 'drop-in' basis. Students need to book or reserve a slot with a suitable tutor online via our SULIS Site.