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Group Support Tutorials


What are Support Tutorials?

Are some of you struggling with a particularly difficult module? Support tutorials can be arranged by the Science Learning Centre to supplement timetabled module lectures and tutorials. Course material is revisited in the support tutorials, according to the areas that students are finding difficult.


How Do I Organise a Support Tutorial?

Support Tutorials are normally organised by your Class Representative who contacts the SLC directly via email on We then contact the lecturer out of courtesy to request permission to collaborate on the provision of additional support by running group sessions with students by one of our experienced SLC tutors. This is to ensure the lecturer is aware of the support we will provide and ensures the SLC communicate regularly with them about how the sessions are going. 


How Will Support Tutorial Sessions Run?

Traditionally, once we have liaised with the lecturer then we will organise for these live tutorial sessions to run between 6-7pm in the evenings. We will then communicate the scheduled times of sessions via email to the Student Rep to cascade out to all students in that module.