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The Science Learning Centre provides support to UL students whose degree includes a science component. The Science Learning Centre provides support to students by two main routes:

  • A dedicated Drop-in Centre
  • Support tutorials for specific modules

The Science Learning Centre aims primarily to support undergraduate students taking first year and some second year science modules, although help is given whenever possible to other years also.

The Drop-in Service

Students can visit the Drop-in Centre without appointment or cost. Tutors who are specialists in the main science subjects, i.e., chemistry, physics and biology, are present to address any queries that students may have regarding science-based modules. The Drop-in service does not consist of formal tutorials or classes; rather students bring any questions they have regarding course materials, laboratory report analysis, etc. The tutors are there to assist students in developing their understanding of the basic science concepts. Students can come individually or in groups.

Support Tutorials

Support tutorials can be arranged by the Science Learning Centre to supplement timetabled module lectures and tutorials. Course material is revisited in the support tutorials, according to the areas that student are finding difficult.

Drop-in Provision for Students Taking Repeat Examinations

The Science Learning Centre also opens during the week preceding the repeat examinations each August. The Drop-in service opens for five days of that week from 10 to 12 noon and 2 to 4 pm each day. Tutors are available to assist students with revision of modules in chemistry, physics, biology and mechanical engineering, at varying times over the course of the week.