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Meet your Advisor

On this page you will learn:

- What does my academic advisor help me with?

- Who is my Academic Advisor?

- How and when will I meet my Academic Advisor?


What does my academic advisor help me with?

One of the most important supports available to you in UL is your academic advisor. Meeting with your advisor will...

  • Provide support and help you be successful in your studies.
  • Provide non-judgemental support during your learning experience, helping you come to specific solutions/strategies that work for you.
  • Provide academic support and guidance.
  • Help you with advice on important decisions you need to make.


Who is my Academic Advisor?

When you enrolled for your course, you will have seen an online enrollment message similar to the example shown below. This message tells you who your academic advisor is.


You also will have received a conformation email after your online enrollment. This email also tells you who your academic advisor is (see example below)...

You can also see who your Academic Advisor is by logging into the student administration portal here.


How and when will I meet my Academic Advisor?

Meeting your academic advisor is very important, particularly in your first year at UL. Ideally, you will meet your academic advisor several times in your first year. 

Your Academic advisor will contact you in the first few weeks of semester 1. They will either send you emails about meetings or they may use a text facility to send reminders to your phone about meetings.

Meetings with your advisor may be held individually (one to one) or as part of a group (the advisor meets all their advisees at once in a group session).

Typically, the meetings are set as follows...

Before or during Week 3         Individual or small group informal meet and greet meetings (2-3 students) Week 3 of F7Ws = Meet your advisor

Week 5/6                                Group activity session 1 (all advisees with their advisor)

Week 8/9                                Group activity session 2

Week 10                                 Individual meetings pre-exams

Of course, if you need to meet your advisor outside of established meeting times, contact they via email to set up an alternative time.