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Learning Support Centres (Repeats)

Student support services play a crucial role in the success of students in higher education. All of our Learner Centres provide space where students feel comfortable about raising issues that may help them to study or learn more effectively and build their confidence and self-esteem. Our range of helpful Learning Centres are part of the UL campus and help students to tackle challenges in maths, science, IT, writing and through peer supported learning.

Students can avail of a range of supports and services provided by the various learning support Centre's at the university: 

Regional Writing Centre (RWC) 

The Regional Writing Centre (RWC) at UL offers a fee and friendly place for all students to come and address any aspect of their writing.
Take a look at RWC Student Resources and other Useful Links
Did you know you can schedule an appointment with one of the Peer Tutors



Maths Learning Centre (MLC)

All UL students studying courses that have a mathematics or statistics module can avail of the Mathematics Learning Centre's (MLC) services free of charge.
Avail of online classes via the ‘Drop-in’ Centre and 24/7 support material.

See module specific supports and stay up-to-date with announcements by joining the  MLC Sulis site here.



Science Learning Centre (SLC)

The Science Learning Centre provides support to University of Limerick students whose degree include a science or engineering component.
Set yourself up for success by joining the SLC Sulis site here.
Once you have joined the SULIS site you will be able to view the  Repeat Exam Drop-In Support timetable.

If you have further queries, contact: 


ICT Learning Centre (ICT)

The aim of the ICT Learning Centre is to actively support and enhance student learning within ICT disciplines across UL, with a particular focus on programming and software related skills
For online resources be sure to join ICTLC Online and see the Summer 2022 Repeat Timetable.
Drop-ins will be face-to-face (CS1-046) or virtual from August 8-19th.  

If you wish to contact us about repeat support, please mail us on and one of the team will get back to you.


Regional Peer-Supported Learning Centre (PSLC)

The Peer-Supported Learning Centre is based in Electronic and Computer Engineering Dept.

See Digital Learner Support Hub (DLSH) for asynchronous material that is available



Language Learning Hub (LLH)

The Language Learning Hub (LLH) is a free resource which offers support to the learning, teaching and research that takes place within the School of Languages, Literature, Culture and Communication.
Individual support sessions can be requested from August 4th to discuss study strategies / devise a revision plan.

Email to request Sulis access