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I-Grade FAQ's

What is an I-Grade?

An I grade may be awarded to students who find themselves in an immediate crisis situation, coming up to or during an exam or final assessment period, which prevents them from being able to sit or complete their exams, assignments or placements.

An immediate crisis can relate to ill-health (including illness due to Covid-19), mental health issues, family bereavement/other family crisis situation or exceptional Covid-19 circumstances.

No, the I-Grade applications for Spring are now closed.

I-Grades applications for Annual Repeats have not yet opened.

In most cases I-Grade assessments are completed at the same time as the Annual Repeats.

Once you are approved for an I-Grade, you need to contact your module leader to discuss clearing it with them. Sometimes it will be possible to clear the I-Grade as an assignment before the Annual Repeats in August.


No, students who receive an I-Grade are not academically penalised.

I-Grades assessments are uncapped

Yes, if you are experiencing circumstances that would qualify you for an I-Grade during the standard examination period, you can apply for an I-Grade for either a repeat examination or a pre-existing I-Grade repeat.

For further information, please see I-Grade Applications

For I-Grade information and applications please see - UL Student Affairs - I Grade Applications

As per the Student Information & Advice Directory, see Grading: I-Grades

For further details you may also refer to the Handbook of Academic Regulations and Procedures 


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