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How the Student Support Officers can help you!


The Student Support Officers (SSOs) are the newest addition to the Student Engagement and Success Unit (SESU).

Working with Denis Murphy, the First Year Support Co-Ordinator (FYSC), the Student Support Officers provide dedicated support for Undergraduate Students in the each of the four faculties here in UL. The SSOs are available to assist students as they navigate their way through third level education by offering practical advice and guidance on personal and academic queries. Acting as a first point of contact the SSOs also link students in with various student services where further support is needed.

We are happy to help with any queries students have, students contact the SSOs for assistance with:

Academic Supports - feel like you need an extra hand with a tough subject, let us put you in touch with one of the Learning Support Centres or reach out to your programme staff for additional materials.

Personal/Health Issues - we can chat about personal issues or how an injury might affect your ability to engage with your studies, the Student Health Centre may provide further supports. 

Financial Concerns - need to talk money, we'd be happy to discuss options available to students and make a plan to go forward.

Family Issues & Homesickness - sometimes you just need someone to chat to about whats going on, don't hesitate to contact us.

Exit forms/Leave of Absence - need help making a decision about leaving college or delaying a start on the next semester, we can go through the forms and assist with submissions

Bereavement/Mental Health - Some students may find themselves in a crisis or may experience a loss, in these cases we may link you with UL's professional support services,  √Čist (counselling service) and the Chaplaincy Office.   

This is just a snapshot of what we can help with, no matter the question, big or small, all you need to do is ask! 



To contact the Students Support Officers, please see our SSO Staff Contact Page or email