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Annual Repeats

Students who do not perform to the minimum standards during end-of-semester examinations, that are deemed eligible, are permitted to attend annual repeat examinations.
The following knowledge items are accessible on the Student Information & Advice Directory via the Student Hub Online:


When are repeat exams held:

For the Academic Year 2021/22, Annual Repeats are scheduled for Mon, 22 Aug 2022 to Sat, 27 Aug 2022 
The Annual Repeat Timetable 22/23 is now available at 

You can also email your Module Leader to confirm dates and formats of your exams.


Repeat exam fee:

There is an annual repeat fee of €171 per module. 
Payment can be made through UL's automated 24/7 phone system, call +353 61 529 097
*To complete payment please ensure you have the following ready: a valid card to complete payment, Student ID number and Date of Birth

If you are experiencing any issues with completing payment, please contact


Exam Guidelines

To help with your exam preparations, click on the following link to familiarise yourself with the University of Limerick Exam Guidelines



Progression after repeat exams:

The minimum standards for progression are as follows:

  • QCA greater than or equal to 2.00
  • No deficient grades (e.g. F, N, NG, I)

For further information regarding progression, please see Progression: Minimum Standards for Progression



For further support & guidance on the above please contact your Student Support Officer.
If you are not familiar with who your Student Support Officer is, click this link to email our team