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Introduction to SPSS (Version 22)

Duration: 1 day

This course provides an intensive introduction to SPSS. It assumes that participants have a basic familiarity with the Windows environment. We examine the features of SPSS for Windows, use a simple data set to cover the topics of transforming variables, selecting data for analysis, then perform basic analyses to produce frequency distributions, summary statistics and cross tabulations before examining some of the extensive graphic capabilities of SPSS. This course would provide an introduction to anyone wishing to analyse their own data using SPSS. This course is taught by an experienced statistician - advice can be sought during the day for specific SPSS problems. Those with sufficient statistical knowledge already would only need to go on this course in order to carry out any analyses. It is not recommended that SPSS and statistics be learnt at the same time.

Introduction to STATA
Duration: 1 day

This is a new course being offered by the Statistical Consulting Unit. We will familiarise ourselves with the point and click menus available in STATA. We will also use the command window to type in commands, offering users a choice in how to approach this software package. We will explore various capabilities of the software e.g. manipulating datasets, producing summary statistics, frequency tables, cross tabulations and also graphical output such as scatter plots, bar-charts, histograms etc.
STATA is compatible on most major operating systems including Windows, Mac & UNIX. It produces publication-quality graphics and is continuously updated with new features.'