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Statistical Consultancy Services are already being provided by the UL Statistical Consulting Unit (SCU) to HSE West and Southern Staff. The SCU is already involved in various research projects in collaboration with the HSE. As part of CSTAR it will also perform and increase its own research with a blend of methodological and collaborative projects.
CSTAR is a collaboration between SCU at UL and the Dept of Epidemiology at UCD now School of Public Health, Physiotherapy & Sport Science. It was funded by the HRB and the intention was to offer consultancy and research methodology advice to everyone involved in Health Research within the Republic of Ireland
The UL centre will achieve the objectives detailed in the HRB call by enabling national access of those engaged in health research to:
  • An internet/telelinkage consultancy/advice service.
  • Sustained support on a collaborative basis for major projects.
  • Training courses in research methodologies particularly at a basic level.
  • Help at all levels and stages of research.


If you are looking for the CSTAR@UL services at UL then again you can approach SCU staff.
Advice can be given by CSTAR@UL in:

  • Protocol design
  • Design of Clinical Trials
  • Sample sizing​
  • Randomisation
  • Analyses
  • Help with journal articles
  • Contributions to journal articles

Plus many other subjects related to research methodology. Please note we do not just specialise in biostatistics as our collaborating centres at UL can also offer advice on qualitative as well as quantitative designs.

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