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General Information on Courses

The aim of the courses run by the unit is to provide people with basic statistical tools for inputting, describing and analysing data.

The courses are computer based (where appropriate) using software packages such as Excel, SPSS, R Stata or Minitab to carry out the analyses. They are designed for people with no prior knowledge of statistics and mathematical theory is kept to a minimum.

Full List of Courses

All of the courses are run over a one or two day period and participants are provided with comprehensive notes and/or manual. The courses are conducted in the University of Limerick and can be adapted to suit the requirements of the client.

Courses are run at present twice yearly on the UL premises but these courses can also be run on a clients' premises as long as adequate facilities are available. If there is sufficient demand these courses may be run more often. Other courses may be offered in future subject to demand. Requests for other courses may be made to the SCU at any time.

A more detailed outline of the courses provided by SCU/CSTAR@UL is given here.

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