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CSTAR Launch Information

CSTAR specialises in the biostatistical & methodological areas of quantitative & qualitative research. It offers a support & advisory service to all health researchers working in biomedical, translational, clinical, community & epidemiological areas. Individuals & groups availing of CSTAR training & consultancy come from health care agencies (public & private), primary, secondary & tertiary care, academic institutions & non-profit research institutes & organisations.

Supported by the Health Research Board & with consultancy units in the University of Limerick & University College Dublin, CSTAR widens the availability of research support across Ireland allowing individuals, companies & institutes to build lasting relationships with experienced academics. CSTAR can become an integral part of your research & publishing process, providing targeted support & input as required.

Using one-to-one consultations, training courses & seminars, CSTAR provides health researchers nationally with a wealth of information on methodological developments & best practise in health-related research methods.

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