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Transcript & Letter Requests

Transcripts, Student I.D Cards, Letter, Replacement Parchment, Recheck Forms, Change Address

Note: Please note any payment for the below request needs to be either using card over the phone by calling 061233755, in bank draft, cheque or postal order made out to University of Limerick. No cash is to be sent to us in envelopes.

Transcript Requests

In order to obtain an official stamped hardcopy of your transcript you must forward a letter/email of request to saa@ul.ie detailing your student ID, date of birth and the address to which you want the transcript mailed. Please be advised there is a charge of €10 per transcript. This can be paid over the phone using your credit/debit card or Cheque, Bank Draft or Postal Order made payable to the University of Limerick. We cannot accept cash via mail, and payments cannot be made online. You can call our general number on 00353 61 233755 to speak to a member of staff and pay over the phone. If you are on campus, you may also call in to us between 9.30am – 12.30pm, and 2.30pm – 4.30pm (close 3.30pm on Fridays). Transcripts take a processing time of 3-4 working days (During busy periods 5-7 working days). Address for sending Cheque/Postal order is:

Academic Registry, E0-001, Main Building

University of Limerick,



V94 T9PX

Student I.D. Cards
Each student at UL is required to carry a current valid student identity card while on campus.  The ID card is issued initially at enrolment.  The Academic Registry will issue replacement cards (at a charge of €10) during usual opening hours. You can also order these over the phone to be posted to your home address by calling 061233755 and paying with card over the phone.

Letter Requests
To order a letter, either call 061233755 to place your order, you will need to provide information regarding student number, DOB, home address etc., or you can send an email to saa@ul.ie outlining these details.  Your letter will be printed on official headed paper, stamped and signed and posted back to you. Please ensure that you advise which address you request the letter to be posted to on your email. Upon receiving your request we will endeavor to process it within 5 working days. We provide letters relating to:

  • Confirming you are a registered student for the current academic year
  • Confirming the dates you attended the University if you are a past student
  • Confirming award details i.e. graduation date, award received
  • Please note we do not liaise with SUSI for individual students, nor print letters for them confirming registration. If you are requesting a letter due to there being multiple members of your family applying for the SUSI grant, we can provide this to you, otherwise the process is as follows: When students register in week one, SUSI put them on a report and send it to us to confirm registration, we confirm the students on the report who are registered and then send back to SUSI, who then provide payment to the student. We receive a report from them every week on a Tuesday evening and send back to them on Friday. If your payment has been halted or you have not received any payments, please contact SUSI and request to be put on the next report and we will confirm your registration with them.

Replacement Parchments
Graduates since 1989 whose original graduate parchment has been irretrievably lost or destroyed may request a replacement parchment. Please follow the instructions and complete the form below. There is a €60 fee payable for a replacement parchment, you are also required to submit a legal affidavit with your form.  Please forward your request to Saundra O' Sullivan, Student Academic Administration, University of Limerick, Limerick.

For students who graduated prior to 1989 please contact HETAC (NCEA) as they were the awarding body for degrees up to and including 1988.  They can be contacted at 26 Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1 or telephone 01 6314567.

Parchment Replacement Form

Recheck Forms
You can recheck a grade by completing a Grade Recheck Request form up to two weeks (10 working days) after examination results are approved, this can be sent to graderecheck_appeal@ul.ie .  (See the Academic Calendar for calendar dates).  There is a €25 charge for module rechecks (€50 for teaching practice/clinical placement) payable with the form, which is refundable only if the grade is changed as a result of the recheck.  Remember grades can be lowered by a recheck, so be sure you really believe the grade awarded is incorrect before applying.

Please submit the Form and the appropriate fee to the Academic Registry Division and we will notify you via your University of Limerick Student Email once the grade recheck decision has been received by the relevant faculty member.

Recheck Form  - Module, TP and Clinical Placement

GEMS Year's 1, 2 and 3 and Professional Diploma in Mathematics for Teaching students should contact Graderecheck_appeal@ul.ie with regards to Module Rechecks.

Grade Appeal
Should the student not be satisfied with the outcome of the grade recheck, s/he may appeal the matter to Academic Registry for forwarding to the department head responsible for the module. The appeal must be made within two weeks of the publication of the grade recheck result.

To appeal a grade, you must complete the appropriate form and pay a €50 fee.  Please email saa@ul.ie if you require a grade appear form.  The appeal must be on stated grounds and should include a full and complete statement on why you believe the grade awarded is incorrect.  E.g. stating that you deserve a better grade is not sufficient grounds.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for further information.

The HOD decision is final.

Change of Address
If you wish to change your address for correspondence you may complete Change of Address Form and submit to SAA@ul.ie or email your details to SAA@ul.ie.  The Change of Address form is also available at the Front Desk, Academic Registry, Room E0001.  Alternatively, you may also update your details on the Student Portal www.si.ul.ie.

Exit Form
If you wish to exit from the University, please complete this Exit Form and send to Elaine.e.mulqueen@ul.ie or post or drop in to Elaine Mulqueen, Academic registry division.  Please ensure that you attach your ID card to the Exit Form.