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Student Guidelines for Examinations

  • Arrive on time for your exam, ideally 10 minutes before the exam commences
  • Know the correct location of your exam
  • You must bring your valid student id card with you to all exams
  • You are not permitted to bring personal belongings e.g. mobile phones, smart watches or any electronic communication device into an exam room/venue (if in doubt leave it at home)

The end of semester examinations will be run in compliance with the UL Assessment Regulations which can be found in the Handbook of Academic Regulations and Procedures at the link below:

Handbook of Academic Regulations and Procedures Appendix 1 Assessment Regulations

content here and link to form

As per section 4.2.4 of Academic Regulations:
An M grade shall be awarded only in the case of sequential modules approved for such grading by the Vice President Academic & Registrar prior to the commencement of the sequence and satisfying the following conditions:

  1. Normally, there shall be no more than two modules in an M-graded sequence.
  2. The Vice President Academic & Registrar will need to be satisfied that there is a sound pedagogic reason for assessing over two modules.
  3. The Vice President Academic & Registrar will need to be satisfied that students on whose programmes the module sequence is a requirement do not have an excessive number of M-graded modules in the relevant semesters.
  4. Both modules in the sequence shall be offered in consecutive semesters of the same academic year.
  5. To provide feedback to students, an interim assessment shall take place by the end of the first semester of the M-graded sequence, which shall be worth at least 20% of the total grade in the module.
  6. Normally, both modules shall be taught and co-ordinated by the same academic staff member(s).
  7. Credits shall be awarded only at the end of the sequence.
  8. The final grade awarded shall be the same in each semester in which M-graded sequence occurred.In exceptional circumstances e.g. the case of the major project module, the award of different grades in each of the semesters may be permitted.

Please click for the Confirmed M Graded Module List