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Frequently Asked Questions - Timetabling

Scheduling of Class Timetables

  • The Scheduling Team are responsible for production of the Central Class Timetable for Teaching Weeks 1-12
  • Data for class timetable production is gathered via Academic Scheduling Constraints System (ASCS)
  • An Events/All Staff email is sent out to advise Faculty that the data collection process has begun and what the deadline will be.
  • Scheduling data for your module/s should be provided to your Head of Department of (or) Scheduling Co-ordinator for input to ASCS
  • Autumn Timetable data is gathered the February/March before the relevant semester
  • Spring Timetable data is gathered the July/August before the relevant semester
  • The timetable is issued as early as possible in advance of the start of term. Faculty are notified of the publication of the timetable by Events/All Staff email. 
  • Course, Module, Lecturer, Room and Student timetables are published through the web at www.timetable.ul.ie.  Room Details, Module Details and Timetable Explanation can also be viewed on this web page
  • Any issues with the published timetable should be taken up with your Head of Department or Scheduling Co-ordinator.  All queries should be submitted via email by the Head of Department or Scheduling Co-ordinator.

Examination Timetabling

  • Data collection takes place during Week 1 of each semester.
  • Data is collected online via MERCS (Module Exam Requirements Collection System)
  • If accurate information is not provided to SAA by end of Week 1, we cannot guarantee provision of an exam slot for your module
  • The Provisional Timetable is published on Monday of Week 8 on the web at www.timetable.ul.ie. If students have a genuine issue with the timetable, they are advised to contact their class representative, who in turn will contact the relevant lecturer. Student Academic Administration should be notified of any such issues via email by 15h00 on Friday of Week 8 by the  lecturer responsible for the module. Where a lecturer is requesting a change to the published timetable a valid reason for this must be provided.
  • The Final Timetable published in Week 10.