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Results Information

Results will be available on 18th June at 12h00 from www.results.ul.ie  

Please see instruction manual for viewing your results on the results server.


Instruction Manual


Please ensure that your e-mail address is correct by completing the following:

  • Log into the student portal system www.si.ul.ie
  • Input  your username and password
  • Click View / Edit your personal details (In the Student Portal Options section) to ensure that your home & contact e-mail addresses are correct.
  • Your home e-mail address - This is the e-mail account that SAA will "CC "correspondence. This can be amended by typing in your relevant e-mail address and click saves changes.
  • Your contact E-mail address should be your UL student ID number e-mail account. This is the e-mail account that SAA will use to contact you in all correspondence. This e-mail address can only be changed by e-mailing saa@ul.ie  If  your current  contact e-mail address is not your student  ID number  please ensure that you have set up an account by completing the following steps on the following link: Information Technology Division/Student Computing/Student Email