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Should you believe that your grade in a module is incorrect, you can appeal the grade by completing the Grade Recheck Request form up to two weeks after examination results are approved.  (See the Academic Calendar for calendar dates).  There is a €25 deposit (€50 for teaching practice) payable with the form, which is refundable only if the grade is changed as a result of the recheck.  Remember grades can be lowered by a recheck, so be sure you really believe the grade awarded is incorrect before applying.

Please submit the Form and the appropriate fee to the Student Academic Administration Office and we will notify you via your University of Limerick Student Email once the grade recheck decision has been received by the relevant faculty member.

Should the student not be satisfied with the outcome of the grade recheck, s/he may appeal the matter to the department head responsible for the module. The appeal must be made within two weeks of the publication of the grade recheck result.

The HOD decision is final.

Recheck Form - Module, TP and Clinical Placement    


GEMS Year's 1, 2 and 3 and Professional Diploma in Mathematics for Teaching students should contact Graderecheck_appeal@ul.ie with regards to Module Rechecks.