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QCA Calculation

How to Calculate your QCA: The Formula:

Semester QCA = ∑ QCS                Cumulative QCA =   ∑ Semesters QCS

                            ∑ (AH-NQH)                                       ∑ (Semester AH - Semester NQH)


Quality Point Value
Grades A1 to NG are each given a numerical value known as a quality point value (QPV) on a scale from 4 to 0. These values are then used to calculate your QCA. Grades G, I, M, P and N have a QPV of zero and do not affect QCA. Grades F and NG do affect QCA. The following table shows the QPVs associated with each academic grade
Grade     QPV      Grade       QPV
A1          4.0             F            0.00                
A2          3.6             NG          0.00            
B1          3.2
B2          3.0
B3          2.8
C1          2.6
C2          2.4
C3          2.0
D1          1.6
D2          1.2
Factor: This is a weighting that's given to each year of the programme. Programmes that include a three-year part 2, year 2 carries a factor weighting of 1 while years 3 and 4 each carry a factor of 2.

Att Hrs: This term literally stands for 'attempted hours' but does not actually represent the number of hours you spent attending modules - the term has been carried over from a previous time when QCA was based on numbers of hours per module. These days, Att Hrs represents the sum of the credits of all modules attempted by you in a given semester. For example, in the tables below show the calculation of autumn and spring QCS, the sum of the module credits is 15 in both cases.

Cred Hours: Credits assigned to each module. Again, this term does not literally represent a number of hours. It represents the sum of the credits of 'quality' or 'credited' modules, i.e. modules that affect QCA.

Non-Q hours: This stands for the sum of the credits of modules multiplied by the factor  where you received the following grades: I, P, G, M, N, Ex, R and W, i.e. grades that do not affect QCA. For example, co-operative education placement, which is graded on a pass/fail basis (P for pass or N for fail) does not affect QCA.