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Progression Policy Information

Student Progression Policy Information Summary

Please note the list of non repeatable modules is available from:

Examinations Non Repeatable Modules

A Cumulative QCA of 2.00 with no deficient grades (i.e. 'F', 'NG', 'I') is the minimum standard for progression to the next year of your course.

All grades taken in the Annual Repeats will be capped at 'C3.'  The higher of the original or the repeat grade will be awarded in all cases. In cases where students received an "I" grade during semester exams, these "I" grade modules are not capped at the Annual Repeats.

Students who do not attain the minimum QCA at the end of the year will on the recommendation of the relevant exam board:

  1. repeat the year, or
  2. repeat a full semester, or
  3. repeat a maximum of two modules in any one semester on a link-in basis with grades (grades are uncapped from 2009/0  or
  4. have their enrolment terminated.