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Progression Decision Entry

The Progression Decision Entry system allows the Course Director to submit academic regulation approved progression decisions directly to the Student Records System using an on-line application.  It reduces the risk of error and increases the time available to academics for the submission of decisions.  Each Faculty Board shall convene meeting(s) of its Faculty Examination Board to review student performance prior to the Academic Council Grading Committee meeting.  The Course Director along with the rest of the Faculty Examination Board shall decide on the progress of students within the marginal performance limits and submit these to the Student Records system once an agreement has been reached.  (The Faculty Examination Board shall comprise the relevant Heads of Department, course directors, specialist faculty and appropriate faculty responsible for teaching the modules graded in the semester under consideration.  See section 4.3.2 of the Handbook of Academic Regulations and Procedures for further details).

The Progression Decision Entry system will open on 28th May 2019 @2pm and will close at on 30th May @3pm.

Progression Decision Entry instruction Manual

Progression Decision Entry Instruction Manual – HOD and ADAA View