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Programme Management and APRC

Following approval by Academic Council, the modification or creation of programmes is maintained by the Programme Management Office of the Academic Registry Division, which can be contacted at programme.management@ul.ie

The proposal must first be discussed at department level and then approved at faculty level for consideration at the Academic Programme Review Committee (APRC). APRC meets approximately nine times a year.

For reasons such as examinations, class scheduling, student registration etc., applications must be presented in the semester preceding the semester in which the changes are to take effect.  The general guidelines are as follows;

Changes which affect autumn semester must be approved by the previous January / February APRC

Changes which affect spring semester must be approved by the previous May APRC.

All forms, guidelines for completion of and deadlines for applications to APRC are available from the office of the Vice President Academic and Registrar.

The course leader or relevant faculty member presents the proposal to APRC.

If APRC is satisfied with your proposal, it will recommend to Academic Council that the modification/creation be approved.

If APRC decides that the programme needs further refinement, the application should be reassessed at college level and another application made to APRC at a later date.

Under no circumstances can a programme be implemented without the approval of APRC and Academic Council. It is therefore extremely important to have proposals approved in advance of the semester in which they take effect.  This facilitates the scheduling process and ensures student choice / registrations are accurate.

Once Academic Council approves changes, SAA will implement the changes.