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What is Pre-Registration - Week 5? 

  • Pre - Registration is for those students who have elective module choices or new routes to choose in the following semester. We need this information to enable us to schedule/create: class / student / labs & tutorial timetables. 
  • This will ensure that your choice of modules will be catered for and timetabled. 

Who needs to Pre-Register? 

All students who have elective modules choices or new routes to choose, in the following semester.   SAA will send a prompt by Email to students (UL email account) in Week 4 of the your current semester.

When does it take place? 

Registration takes place on week 5 of both the Autumn and Spring Semester of each academic year. 

What happens if I don't Pre-register? 

Your choice of elective or route may not be available to you, hence not included on your timetable

How do I Pre-Register on the Internet? 

Click on here to pre-register.

Pre-Registration Course Outlines

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences 

Kemmy Business School

Education & Health Sciences

Inter Faculty

Science & Engineering