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Repeat Examinations

Repeats Timetable:

This is published the first week of August on the web at www.timetable.ul.ie.

  • A Module Splits list is available on the notice board outside the Academic Registry Office. This list shows module exams running in more than one venue, and indicates which venue each students should go to.  This list assigns students to each venue alphabetically by surname. Eg. Allen to Moran - GYM.  Moynihan to Zeba - SPORTSHALL.  In this situation all students with a surname beginning with the letter "A" up to those with surnames beginning with the letters "MOR" should go to the Gym, those with a surname beginning with the letters "MOY" up to Z should go to the SPORTSHALL.
  • GEMS students should contact the Medical School for their repeat times.

Non-Repeatable Modules

As per section 1.4.16 of Academic Regulations:
Annual repeats will be available in all modules in all years of all academic programmes except where Heads of Departments make a written submission to the Associate Vice President Academic not to offer a repeat in a module or part thereof in cases where:

  1. it would not be feasible
  2. specific required skills have not been demonstrated by the student
  3. the module has been defined as having professional accreditation-related elements and, in accordance with section 3.5.1, repeat opportunities are restricted

  • Modules where the assessment relies substantially on completion of practical work
  • Specialist placement, e.g. Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Teaching Practice; clinical placements
  • Cases where a conventional written examination is not considered a suitable assessment instrument
  • Projects undertaken by means of team-based work/project, where skills development is being assessed either progressively or continually over a semester
  • Where there is a safety implication in laboratory or workshop
  • Calendar implications



Physiotherapy Practice Education 4



Physiotherapy Practice Education 2



Physiotherapy Practice Education 3


Physiotherapy Practice Education 1



Practice Education 4



Practice Education 3



Practice Education 2



Youth Sport and Policy



Practice Education 2 (SLT)



Practice Education 4 (SLT)



Practice Education 3 (SLT)



Teaching Practice 1


  School Placement 1

School Placement 1



Teaching Practice 2



Teaching Practice 1



Design Studio



Model Making