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Module Registration

Registration is where you confirm to the University that you are actively taking part in a Programme and the modules you are taking as part of your programme.  By confirming module selection you are facilitating the University of Limerick in claiming Academic Fees (Free Fees) from the (HEA) Higher Education Authority on your behalf.

N.B. Payment of fees (i.e. Registration, Examination and Student Services Charge) does not constitute module registration.

All students that have enrolled on a programme of study at the university are required to register in week 1 of each academic semester.  This regulation applies to students on campus, and also includes students on Erasmus programmes, professional placement, COOP and Teaching Practice.  The registration process is required to:

  1. Allow you to participate in your programme of study (including off-campus elements)
  2. Gain access to on-line services including lecture notes and learning management system resources
  3. Seek payment of your academic fees from the HEA under the "free fees scheme" or other sponsoring body (where appropriate)
  4. Advise the Lecturer and Department you intend to take these modules and allows entry to end of semester assessments
  5. To facilitate UL in giving you Student Semester Lecture, Lab and Tutorial timetables and Examination timetables
  6. Inclusion on class lists, grading sheets and reports for faculty

Registration takes place on Week 1 of both the Autumn and Spring Semester of each academic year

The implications of not registering are serious and far-reaching, as Students who fail to register during week 1 of any given semester will:

  1. Incur a fine of €200
  2. Denied access to:
    • SULIS
    • Computer Account
    • Entry to Examinations
    • Student Results
  3. Not receive a complete Semester Timetable for Lecture, Lab, Tutorial and Examination timetables 
  4. Not be included on Module Class list and Grading Sheets and reports for faculty

For information on how to register on the web see here

The follows groups of students do not have the facility to register on-line and will therefore have to complete registration forms.

  • Study Abroad - International Education coordinate registration and processing on system
  • Erasmus - Module choices are given to International Education and then processed by SAA
  • Exchange - Module choices are given to International Education and then processed by SAA
  • Link-in Repeats - The Link-in Repeat Form must be completed and taken to fees office where the appropriate fee must be paid.  The form will then be passed to SAA for processing of registration
  • Link-in Occasional - Forms available from the Admissions Office and once completed should be taken to fees office where the appropriate fee must be paid.  Once approved you take the form to Admissions Office where they will enroll student.  The form is then passed to SAA for processing of registration

When a student wishes to change registrations (elective/s) choices made in Week 5 of the previous semester they are required to complete the Change of Registration form available from Student Academic Administration.  The form (complete with the relevant module leader signatures) should be returned to SAA for processing by the end of Week 2 otherwise the student is subjected to a €10 charge.


Please note that any changes to elective choices will not be reflected on online personalised timetables.

This is when a student registers for additional modules taken over and above the amount required.  An Additional Module Registration form must be completed by the student.  

The signatures of both the lecturer responsible for the additional module and Academic Advisor/Department Head must be on the form before it is returned to SAA for processing. Please note that any additional module choices will not be reflected on personal timetables.

See also further details in the Student Handbook

What is Pre-Registration - Week 5? 

  • Pre - Registration is for those students who have elective module choices or new routes to choose in the following semester. We need this information to enable us to schedule/create: class / student / labs & tutorial timetables. 
  • This will ensure that your choice of modules will be catered for and timetabled. 

Who needs to Pre-Register? 

All students who have elective modules choices or new routes to choose, in the following semester.   SAA will send a prompt by Email to students (UL email account) in Week 4 of the your current semester.

When does it take place? 

Registration takes place on week 5 of both the Autumn and Spring Semester of each academic year. 

What happens if I don't Pre-register? 

Your choice of elective or route may not be available to you, hence not included on your timetable

How do I Pre-Register on the Internet? 

Click on here to pre-register.

Pre-Registration Course Outlines

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences 

Kemmy Business School

Education & Health Sciences

Inter Faculty

Science & Engineering


€200 FINE applies to all students who fail to register Week 1 of each semester on the Student Portal Online.
NOTE: Payment of Fees does not constitute registration.