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Grants and Scholarships/New SUSI Grant Applications

Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) is the new single awarding authority for all new grant applications since 2012/3 academic year. New grant applicants, 2nd year students and those changing course should apply to SUSI. The student grant application system is an "Online application system" and is accessed at www.studentfinance.ie. To assist all applicants there is a SUSI Support Desk which provides extended opening hours for email queries and telephone queries. Contact details for the SUSI Support Desk is support@susi.cdvec.ie.

Note: Please check that your student record includes the correct SUSI number. Upload or check your details on the Student Records portal as follows: Log onto the portal (www.ul.ie - Students & Staff - Student Quicklinks - My Student Record). In the Student Portal Options section, click on the View/Edit your personal details option and check your SUSI number at the bottom of the screen.


If you have applied to SUSI for monthly maintenance support, you must confirm your module registration in Week 1 of each semester (beginning in September). SAA will then be able to confirm your registration to SUSI so that payment can be made to your bank account. Failure to comply will delay payments.


Only students in years 3 and 4 who have applied via their local authorities will continue with the following process of receiving grants:

  • Submit Grant Applications to your relevant Grant Authority (G.A.) by end of August to ensure instalments are sent to the University of Limerick (UL) on time.
  • Grant cheques usually come in 3 instalments a year as follows: October/November, January/February, April
  • Late Applicants will not receive instalments at the times mentioned above. 
  • Ensure that personal details submitted to G.A. correspond with details submitted to UL e.g.:  Name - If in Irish with G.A., ensure it is in Irish with us at UL. 
  • Address - The home address given to the G.A. must be the same as that given to UL. 
  • Please ensure the bank account is in the students' own name, If it is not the bank will return the cheque to SAA. If your grant arrives to SAA and we do not have Bank Details for you, it will be returned to the Grant Authority.
  • If your granting authority is paying you through EFT (Electronic Bank Transfers) please ensure to forward bank details to them directly.
  • It usually takes 7 working days for cheques to be processed and money to appear in student accounts from when cheques are received by Student Academic Administration. This is due to the large volume of cheques received and the processing required.

Click to see Grant Authority maintenance cheques that have arrived and are being processed. 

  • You can now view when your grant has been lodged to your bank account via your online UL Student Portal. You can view this under My Student Reports on the Student Portal - Check if your grant cheque has been lodged!

Grant cheques usually come in 3 instalments a year as follows: 

October/November | January/February  | April

Should you wish to contact your Grant Authority click here for the relevant contact information Grant Authority Contact Information

To change account details complete the 'Change of Bank Details' form and submit in the SAA mailbox or you can change you Bank Details on the Student Administration Portal.

New! Did you know - that you can now view whether or not your grant has been lodged to your bank account via your online student records. 

You can view this under My Student Reports- Check if your grant cheque has been lodged! 

If you have any queries please email edel.moriarty@ul.ie

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