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Graduation Information

The graduate conferring is held twice a year - in August (autumn conferring) and in January (winter conferring).

Please refer to www.ul.ie/ceremonies for further information.


Academic Award Documents

Europass Diploma Supplement
Europass Diploma Supplement is an initiative of the European Union to promote mobility of graduates. It is underpinned by a joint decision of the EU Commission and Council and arises from agreement by education ministers from 41 countries (Bologna Agreement 1999). Europass Diploma Supplement is designed to give greater transparency and recognition of qualification.

Official Graduation Documents
From autumn 2005, UL will issue official graduation documents online. These documents will be electronically signed using verifiable legally binding Advanced Electronic Signatures in accordance with the EU Digital Signatures Directive.

New Graduates
New graduates will be automatically issued with the following documents electronically shortly following graduation.

Transcript of Results
Award (equivalent to a certified copy of your paper parchment)
European Diploma Supplement

Pre-2005 Graduates
Former graduates can request the following documents.

Transcript of Results
All UL graduates except Thomond College graduates before 1992
All NIHE Limerick graduates
Award (equivalent to a certified copy of your paper parchment)
All Graduates of UL

Verification Of Documents
The system allows you to:

Access and view your official documents
Create and download a Document Access Ticket with access permissions defined by you
Send the Document Access Ticket to prospective employers, educational institutions or others who you need to verify your qualifications
See an audit trail of who has accessed and verified your qualifications
For further details about the diploma supplement, refer to the following website Diploma Supplement

To apply for an Electronic Award Document please access the following website https://digitary.ul.ie