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Grading and Progression

Grading and Progression Reports - Student Academic Administration facilitate the grading of modules at the end of each semester by preparing the database to accept grades.  

All grades must be submitted by the deadline set out in the academic calendar.  Once all the grades have been submitted a set of Progression Reports are issued to all Faculties so that student's progression can be adjudicated by the local exam board.
Performance Reports consist of the following reports:

  • Progression Report - This report identifies all students who are "actionable" i.e. students who have either an F, I, NG (deficient grade) and/or a Cumulative QCA of less than 2.00.  A corresponding residual transcript for each student on this report is issued for information. (Currently this is a paper report)
  • Inter-discipline Report: This is a programme view of the results for each student on a specific programme for that year and period only.  It shows the semester QCA and the Cumulative QCA for each student along with individual grades obtained in the grading period.(Electronic Report)
  • President's Report:  List of students who have received a QCA over 3.5 (Electronic Report)
  • Grade Reports: All modules with grades recorded for each student. (Electronic Report)
  • QPV (Quality Point Value) Reports:  These list the modules with the Average QPV for each module. (Electronic Report)
  • Referred Modules:  This lists the modules with the Average QPV of below 2.00 and a report of modules that have an average QPV of greater than 3.29. (Electronic Report).

All of these reports are issued to the Heads of Department and the Assistant Dean's for Academic Affairs for distribution in advance of each Faculty Exam board.

The Progression Report decisions must be returned to SAA on the morning of the scheduled Academic Council Grading Committee meeting (see academic calendar for dates).