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No, you do not apply again through the CAO to transfer internally to another programme, nor do you reapply through the CAO for readmission to UL.

You cannot 'apply' to do a link-in or to repeat a year or a semester – these are decisions that are made by the academic council grading committee based on your academic performance over the year. If you meet the minimum academic performance threshold with no deficient grades at the end of the year (i.e. QCA of 2.00 or higher), you are deemed to have met the minimum progression requirements and are expected to progress to the next year of your programme. However, as explained in section 6 of the Student Handbook, you may opt to clear D1 or D2 grades (i.e. to upgrade them to a pass grade – capped at C3) by voluntarily sitting annual repeats subject to the criteria outlined in the Annual Repeats Criteria sub-heading in section 6 in the Student Handbook.

You set out in writing the relevant extenuating circumstances that were not known to the academic council grading committee at the time of the decision. The appeal is then sent to the student status committee for consideration. However, if you wish to appeal your link-in status, you should be aware that being instructed to repeat on a link-in basis is the very least that can be asked of you, i.e. this method of repeat is the minimum that can be undertaken in order to progress to the next year of your programme.

No. You’ve been instructed to take modules on a link-in basis because you haven’t met the minimum academic performance thresholds for progression. By implication, this means that you cannot progress to the next year of your programme. Therefore, you cannot expect to be entitled to go out on co-operative placement if placement is in the next year of your programme. If you’ve been asked to link in, you are expected to be on campus and attend classes/labs as appropriate.

Please contact the Fees office directly. If UL has claimed your portion of the fees from the Government and you choose to commence year 1 in another university, you will be liable for that portion of the fees. Refer to the Student Fees Regulations and Charges handbook for full details.


If you repeat any year in full, you are liable for the full fees.

There is no advantage to applying through the CAO system to apply for either an Internal Transfer or Readmission because the Admissions office will forward your CAO application to Student Academic Administration for processing through the Student Status Committee.


When a student is granted an exemption in a particular module your registration for the module will remain and an EX grade is applied to the module. The student exam timetable is compiled by Student Module Registration data, because you are still registered for the module it will still appear on your exam timetable. As have already received a grade for the module you do not need to worry about the exam.