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Classification of Awards and Discretionary Bands

Bachelor's Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates

The award of a bachelor's degree, diploma (either undergraduate or postgraduate) or certificate (either undergraduate or postgraduate) is made at honours levels. To qualify for the award of a bachelor's degree or diploma or certificate, a candidate must:

  • satisfy all the assessment and other requirements set for the programme of study
  • achieve a minimum final cumulative QCA of 2.00, with full credits in all prescribed modules of the programme of study
  • satisfy any programme specific regulations as specified for particular programmes

Awards will be at one of the following classifications

Award Classification Cumulative QCA

First class honours
Second class honours grade 1 (2.1)
Second class honours grade 2 (2.2)
Third class honours


Notwithstanding the provisions of 2.6.2 above, the Academic Council Examination Board may consider a candidate whose final cumulative QCA is not more than 0.10 less than the QCA required for a first class, 2.1 or 2.2 classification and who satisfies the other requirements for the proposed award.